Pharma Products

Particle Counters- Handheld & Bench top.

  • Handheld 2.83 LPM, Portable monitor 50 LPM, 100 LPM
  • Smallest and Lightest Portable particle counter in the industry with 0.3 micron sensitivity (0.1 µ will be provided on customer request).
  • Simultaneous measurement and display of 6 particle sizes
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Full Color Touch –Screen display, Stainless Body & Built in printer.
  • Measures multi –parameters, air velocity, relative humidity, temp, pressure using optional probes.
  • Meets under EU-GMP.

Melting Point Device : Manual & Automatic

  • High Precision.
  • Automatic Furnace cut off with audio and visual indication.
  • Range: 40°C to 350°C, readability 1°C.
  • Manual:
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • With in-built silicon oil bath and stirrer.
  • Adjustable heating rate and Stirrer speed.
  • Range up to 275˚C with readability of 1˚C.
  • Muffle Furnace

    • Internal Dimensions: 30x15x15 cms.
    • Temp: Aprx. 1130°C.
    • Digital timer 999 Minutes & Solid State fuse will be provided If required
    • Custom sizes will be provide upon customer demand.
    RH and Temperature Data logger (Single & Multi channel)

    • Range: 0-100% & -60°C to 200°C
    • Single Channel data loggers.
    • Multi channel data loggers.
    • Wireless data loggers.
    • Online/Offline Data loggers.
    • Transmitters with 4-20mA.
    • USB type data loggers for transportation application.

    Hot Plates & Stirrers

    We offer a variety of hotplates, ranging from different size, different top materials, and different temperature settings.Most hotplates come with the spill prevention feature, and hot warning features.

    • Plate Dimension: 127(5’)x127(5’)mm
    • Heated Area: 100 X 100mm
    • Max. Plate Temp.: 350 ºC
    • Customization possible on demand.

    UV-VIS Spectrophotometer- Single, Double & Absorption

    • Double beam spectrophotometer with highly stable optics.
    • Extremely versatile with full functionality from 190 to 1100nm.
    • Variable spectral bandwidth 0.5, 1, 2, 4,5nm.
    • 2 or 8 cell holder available.
    • 6 inches LCD display & integrated user interface.

    Digital Polari Meter

    • Domestic advanced digital circuit and microcomputer based, LCD display.
    • Storage of 100 readings.
    • Light source: Laser 650nm.

    Automatic & Digital Abbe Refractometer

    • Measurement of refractive index nDof transparent or translucent liquid and solid substances.
    • Measurement of the Brix of sugar solution.
    • Visual aim and LCD display.
    • Automatic correction of the effect of temperature on the Brix.
    • Prism made of hard glass, uneasy to be worn.
    • Printer interface for direct data print-out.